Saturday, August 1, 2015

Calcium and Bones, Part 1

A lot of people assume that their bones stop growing when they become adults. This is not so. Bone tissue continuously dissolve and re-form.  One way to maintain strong bones is to eat foods rich in calcium.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, but your body cannot manufacture it. You have to get the calcium you need from your food.

The following are sources of calcium:

Food                          Portion                   Calcium (mg)
Swiss cheese                2 oz                           544
Provolone cheese         2 oz                           428
Monterey Jack cheese  2 oz                           424
Yogurt, low-fat               1 cup                         415
Cheddar cheese           2 oz                           408
Muenster cheese          2 oz                           406
Colby cheese                2 oz                           388
Brick cheese                 2 oz                           382    
Sardines                       3 oz                            372
American cheese          2 oz                           348
Ricotta cheese             ½ cup                         337
Milk, skim                     1 cup                          302
Mozzarella cheese        2 oz                           294
Buttermilk                     1 cup                          285
Limburger cheese         2 oz                           282
Ice milk                         1 cup                          274
Salmon                         3 oz                            271

(To be continued next week. – J.P.)

Used with permission from A Year of Health Hints by Don R Powell, PHD and the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, copyright 2010.