Monday, August 8, 2011

Dr. Estuita's Free Radical Scavenger Diet

"To live longer, healthier and have a better quality of life, build your nutritional fortress around these diet guidelines. This is an anti-aging diet, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-cancer, anti-arthritis and other degenerative diseases, " explains Dr. Arturo Estuita (who was featured in an earlier article, "Cardiovascular Chelation," of our June 20, 2011 posting).

The following food selections comprise Dr. Estuita's Free Radical Scavenger Diet:

  • Eat raw, fresh fruits and vegetables (5-6 servings: 1 serving is equivalent to 1 cup).
  • Eat meat substitutes (vegemeat, gluten, raw assorted nuts, Japanese tofu, miso, beans).
  • Eat whole grains (unpolished rice, brown wheat bread, and oatmeal).
  • No chlorinated drinking and bathing water.
  • Drink vegetable and fruit juices (suggested combinations for juicing vegetables and fruits: carrots, cabbage, celery, apple, pears; carrots, broccoli, raw potato, apple, pears; carrots, cucumber, apple, any favorite fruit; carrots, cauliflower, string beans).
Dr. Estuita also advises us to avoid eating junk foods, such as pastry, candy, chocolate bars, soft drinks, ice cream (commercial), sauces, gravies, canned soup, processed cereals, white rice, doughnuts, fried potatoes, white flour-baked foods, meat, hamburgers, hotdogs, luncheon meat, corned beef, etc.

In addition to his Free Radical Scavenger Diet, Dr. Estuita suggests that we take mega-vitamins and minerals as an effective preventive and maintenance program. This will serve as a therapeutic diet for those with chronic degenerative diseases being chelated. There is no way that an artery will be declogged, arthritis reversed, and other degenerative conditions improved, if junk foods are eaten, he emphasized.

Diseases that are related to junk foods and malnutrition are:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Mental Illness
(Our profound thanks to Dr. Estuita for sharing with us the above health "gems."--J.P.)


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