Monday, June 20, 2011

Cardiovascular Chelation

"Chelation is the intravenous administering of amino acid and nutrients to declog the circulatory system," said veteran cardiologist Arturo Estuita, M.D., a pioneer (since 1964) of Cardiovascular Chelation in the Philippines, whom I interviewed in his clinic two weeks ago.

Dr. Estuita explained: "Chelation Therapy is an integrative, safe and scientific method of declogging blocked arteries without surgery. It is a cheaper and more effective alternative to Heart Bypass and Angioplasty; it is non-surgical and therefore non-invasive; it involves the intake of natural micro-nutrients as chelating agents in the declogging process. Together with a healthy lifestyle (no smoking, healthy diet, exercise), Chelation not only treats cardiovascular disorders but also improves general health such as blood circulation, reduced arthritis, and increased stamina."

Compared with Bypass and Angioplasty (which has a higher rate of recurrence), Chelation Therapy fares much better. Dr. Estuita said that with 30 Chelation Therapy sessions (or "infusion"), 98.5% of patients recover from blockages from the leg, 93.5% in the heart (the ones with partial blocks) and 85.90% for blockages in the brain, with 60 infusions.

An interesting information that many of us may not know is that Chelation declogs the whole 75 kilometers of arteries, while a heart bypass surgery only deals with a few centimeters; it directly deals with the fatty plaques and calcium clogging the arteries, flushing them out through the urine.

"Arteriosclerosis (a thickening and loss of elasticity of the walls of the arteries) is systemic and generalized. If you get a heart attack, it just means that it manifested itself ahead of the rest of the system. It's like an old house with old plumbing. Just because one of the pipes gets rusty today does not mean the rest of the system isn't rusty as well. It only means that the damage is more advanced in that part. Sometimes the stroke happens before a heart attack, but in reality, the plaque is already all over the system. This is where Chelation comes in--it will take out the blockage wherever it may be.

"Chelation Therapy is holistic, in a sense that all risk factors or causes are taken out. Even the stress caused by bitterness, anger, and resentment against people, is addressed. If you harbor a grudge, it's hard to get better (if ever you get better at all). We don't just tell them to change their lifestyle in terms of eating and exercise, but we deal with their emotions as well.

"Another benefit in Chelation is your biological age goes down by at least ten years. It's a great anti-aging treatment that deals with your internal system. If you combine this with external treatments (cosmetic, plastic surgery, and other skin treatments), then you'll be really young-- both in how you feel inside and how you look," concluded Dr. Estuita.

TIDBIT: Do you know that Chelation can reverse diabetes? Yes, seventy-five percent of Dr. Estuita's diabetes patients get reversed, although people do not go to the clinic for diabetes treatment but to address its complications.

(The Estuita Medical Preventive Cardiology Clinic is located at 1986 Taft Avenue, Pasay City, Philippines; email: